WATCH HBO’s Gumbel Attack “Current Occupant of the White House” for “Energizing” Athletes

The war between Pres Trump and the unhinged radical Left is showing no signs of slowing down over his recent criticism of the anti-American behavior by the NFL. You knew it was just a matter of time until propagandist Bryant Gumbel would chime in, being as insulting and disrespectful as you would expect from a hardcore Leftist.

At the close of his HBO sports show Gumbel said,
“Finally, tonight, a quick thanks to the current occupant of the White House for energizing the social consciousness of the modern American athlete. That occupants weekend series of racist, churlish, and childish comments drew a variety of stunning rebukes and actions, which suggests that jocks may finally be realizing that apathy won’t cut it anymore. That, in conjunction with their fame, they have important civic roles to play, especially now.”

Pres Trump said nothing that was racist, “churlish” or childish.. he spoke the truth and how MANY Americans feel over the outright disrespect being displayed by people who really have no idea what’s going on. People who listen and take the world of propagandists like Gumbel have shown again the real problem with America are the elitists who set the agenda and use Hollywood, athletes etc to do their dirty work.

To add insult to injury, and also proving this sites warning, Gumbel pushed the race card further suggesting nothing has really changed. “Gumbel wrapped up his monologue by lamenting how somethings in America have changed very little: ‘Back in their day, Bob Dylan famously said, ‘The times, they are a-changin’,’ and that’s still true today, as well as is the sad reality that certain things haven’t changed at all.’ Presumably, he’s referring to America’s racism.” – NB

Yep, that’s why so many blacks are multimillionaires today in entertainment, business, sports etc. If racism is so rampant in America, as Gumbel and his ilk want people to believe, how did he get his first job in tv that led to his own show on HBO!??

The only racism that exists is that coming from the Left. They created it a long time ago and have been using it to this day for money, power and control.