The Left Is Using Racism and Charges of White Supremacy to Destroy America As We Know It (Videos)

The Left is on some insane, poorly devised, mission where every complaint, every issue they have is all rooted in racism and white supremacy. They know people cower the moment the charge of racism is levied, so everything is racist now and if you go against them you’re a racist, they will destroy..
D E S T R O Y your life!

Pro America (Flag/ National Anthem) = racist
Trump/ support him = racist
Conservatism = racist
Capitalism = racist
Confederate statues & monuments = racist
Columbus Day = racist
Christianity/ Judaism = racist
American history = racist
Founding Fathers = racist
Constitution = irrelevant, a document written by racists
White skin = RACIST

It’s just as Bill O’Reilly warned on his show, that what is going on is not about the statues, “they’re coming for everybody.” He warned again during his first appearance on Fox News’ Hannity, since being fired:

The left wants everything about America deemed racist/ white supremacist, oppressive to have it erased from history and reworked their way.

This racist, Scott Bolden, is an example of this radical, racist, Leftist driven destroy America agenda as he accused Tucker Carlson of “white privilege”.

It really sounds crazy but based on the coordination between the media, political pundits and their unhinged foot-soldiers (antifa, BLM, Occupy etc) that the Left is literally trying to start a race war!

Understand this, If you stand for all those things listed about deemed racist, the Left HATES YOU. They will do everything within their power to destroy you and your life. As Hannity explained the division has never been this bad, and it’s getting worse. We are in a cold civil war, it will heat up. That said, anti-Trump Radicals are planning nationwide protests RIOTS Nov 4th to with the futile hope of removing Pres Trump from office!

Like Kurt Schlichter says, “we need to be prepared to fight”.. buy guns and ammo.