Dem Congressman Calls to Impeach Trump Over NFL “SOB” Speech (Video)

Democrats are really losing their minds nine months into Trump’s presidency. Rep Al Green took the House floor calling for a vote to impeach the President of the United States, after the final straw being Trump calling NFL players “son of a bitch” during his speech over the disrespect displayed to our flag, anthem and troops.

Aside from not being able to locate dems “Good and Plenty clause” in the Constitution, I am also unable to locate where in it the President can be impeached for invoking his First Amendment right! That’s right America, whether you like it or not POTUS has as much of right to speak his mind as anyone else. While he does need to be more careful, there is nothing stopping him from speaking his mind. In his opinion players showing disrespect should be fired. Democrats like Green think that’s enough, under high Crimes and Misdemeanors to apparently FIRE [impeach] the President! It’s the same difference.

Please have the vote, TODAY, why wait a week or two. The way the GOP is acting they shouldn’t have a problem pulling it off in the Senate.

This is what the elitists want, to remove the outsider from the Oval Office, send a clear message to the people to never defy them again. Go ahead DO IT and watch what happens you stupid SONS OF BITCHES!