Fox’s Kilmeade Methodically Takes Jimmy Kimmel Apart After Personal Attack (Video)

Hollywood Leftist, and apparent health care/ insurance expert, Jimmy Kimmel launched a vicious attack against Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade following comments Kilmeade made on Fox & Friends over the never-ending repeal obamacare debacle. In typical Leftist fashion Kimmel couldn’t express himself without insulting Kilmeade and spreading false/ outdated information to viewers.

If you believe what Kimmel said you would think this interaction between the two happened recently. As Kilmeade methodically, and civilly, explains, the events Kimmel laid out in his attack happened years ago. Everything Kilmeade lays out makes logical sense that any journalist would do. He is/ was a fan of Jimmy’s, appreciated his work, wanted to put the spotlight on him more or less helping him when he was starting out as late night talk show host. It was a win-win for both at the time, but if you listen to Jimmy’s version you would think it all just happened! As for doing a blurb in Kilmeade’s book, does Jimmy think he is better than The Rock, Pres Bush and Robin Williams who did contribute to it!?

Kilmeade did his homework, Kimmel didn’t and that’s why you get the attack. What you have to understand America, this attack by Kimmel is what hardcore progressives do. Sarah Silverman did an excellent job brainwashing and converting Kimmel when the two dated!

Oh you didn’t know that!? Did you know Jimmy use to host The Man Show with Adam Carolla!? A show (which yours truly was a HUGE fan of) that routinely destroyed and mocked liberalism, snowflakes etc, even Oprah! They had a kid who would go around and say some of the most outrageous things you could possibly imagine to push libs “red button”.

Fast forward a few years, Kimmel divorces his wife, shacks up with Silverman and becomes the very thing he used to mock on The Man Show!

This guy is trash, he knows nothing about the health care/ insurance system regardless of what he is going through with his son. As a matter of fact this SOB is conflating the two, causing more problems than helping. Health CARE and INSURANCE are not the same. He is lying when he says those without insurance wouldn’t get the care they need. Yes they will, here is proof! I took this after a recent visit to the ER…

There are many govt programs to help people without insurance as well as charity care! Kimmel only knows what he hears from his circle of coastal cosmopolitan elitists who preach the DNC’s doom and gloom if the govt isn’t controlling the health care system.

As for the threat made to Kilmeade, shove it Jimmy. You couldn’t hurt a fly and if Brian was within 50 feet of you, you would surround yourself with armed security.

#BoycottHollywood if you want this nonsense to stop.