Jennifer Lawrence Claims Hurricanes Are “Mother Nature’s Rage, Wrath” for Trump Victory (Video)

This clip of Jennifer Lawrence just goes to show how awful Hollywood liberals are who insult Americans intelligence. What kind of lousy, miserable human being would suggest nature is punishing America, WHILE PEOPLE ARE STILL DRYING OUT IN HOUSTON and Floridians prepare for chaos, for voting for Trump!? Climate change is a lie, anyone who thinks it’s real needs to explain how records being broken now were set 100++ years ago before man became industrialized!

Hollywood elitists are not your “friends” America. They despise you, mock you, condemn you, all because you have differing political opinion.

What’s more aggravating is the number of HYPOCRITES who will be angered at Lawrence yet will pay to see her movies, donate to whatever cause she supports etc! You people are as bad as the patriotic sports nuts who condemn the NFL for doing nothing over players not standing for the national anthem, yet are wearing the STUPID jersey’s, hats, paying top dollar for stadium seats or buying tv sports packages. For once in your lives show some consistency and integrity, and stand by your alleged principles, stop enabling these SOB’s!