Pelosi Attacks Trump’s DACA Decision as “A Despicable Act of Political Cowardice” (Video)

Nancy Pelosi, democrats, Hollywood propagandists all seem to ignore the facts of DACA while they pander to illegal aliens. DACA was temporary, it was never meant to serve as a pathway to citizenship yet they carry-on as if these illegal aliens have just had their rights to be a citizens taken out from under them. Pres Trump is “despicable” because he is undoing an illegal executive order, by obama, handing power back to Congress where it rightfully belongs!? This just goes to show, again, the Left cares more about illegals than American citizens.

Facts are facts, DREAMers are illegal aliens just like mommy and daddy, no one cares how they got here. They like their parents have no right to be here. There are 10 conditions Americans would agree to for them to stay, but Congress but useless and impotent don’t have the spine to implement in any bill. They will of course grant amnesty to create a new pool of voters so to get them closer to one party rule.