Rep Jordan Calls for House Judiciary Investigation Into Comey, Lynch (Video)

The Clinton email scandal coverup by the fmr FBI Director and Attorney General is the real story of collusion no one seems interested in looking into.

Rep Jim Jordan, one of the rebels in the House standing for the American people, is calling for a formal investigation into Jim Comey and Loretta Lynch. Both need to be hauled into Congress, if not a federal court, and start answering questions. At the time Comey was clearly covering for Clinton breaking multiple federal laws, documented on this site and others, after most likely being ordered by Loretta Lynch to cut Clinton loose before she and others were interviewed.

Lynch needs to explain why she gave Comey the order to call the investigation a “matter”. She then must explain why she was using an alias email account, and what was discussed between herself and Bill Clinton in their infamous meeting. No doubt this was a clear act of quid pro quo where Lynch was probably offered a role in the Clinton administration had Hillary won.

People need to be brought up on federal charges and put in jail. Jordan and company have enough evidence as it is as Jordan quickly lays out in this vid. If these two do not show up the DOJ needs to step in, if not Jeff Sessions needs to resign.