Pelosi: It’s Still A Muslim Ban Even Though It Includes Non-Muslim Countries (Video)

Pres Trump’s travel ban, past and present, is not a ban on muslims. Nancy Pelosi is off her rocker to suggest the new travel ban, which the President has a legal Constitutional right to issue under 8 US Code § 1182 – Inadmissible aliens, is a muslim ban even though non-muslim nations, North Korea and Venezuela, have been included.

This unhinged democrat, who at the least is in the early stages of dementia, is actually trying some half-assed attempt to pull the race card hoping to motivate activists to file lawsuits. She knows the drill where obama and Clinton appointed federal judges are just waiting to issue temporary restraining orders to prevent the order’s implementation.

If Trump’s travel ban was a muslim ban, as these radicals suggest, why aren’t two of the largest muslim countries, Indonesia and India, not included? Next thing you know this nut will claim Trump is a racist towards muslims, who technically aren’t a race, they’re followers of the islamic religion!

Isn’t it about time for someone to call for Nancy to have a mental competency examination?