Pelosi Suggests Republicans Will Put DREAMers in Internment Camps (Video)

Nancy Pelsoi and the democrats continue to attack Pres Trump and the GOP over obama’s (admitted) illegal executive order on DACA. She had the audacity to compare DREAMers to Japanese in America during WW2 who were put in internment camps suggesting DREAMers meet the same fate!

Democrats always leave the details out don’t they, history lesson America: The Japanese, Germans and Italians in America during the war who were put in internment camps was by the order of a DEMOCRAT president!

Why do democrats put DREAMers on a pedestal? Because they want to legalize them and do to the entire US what they’ve done to California. The more illegals that are here the more it becomes politicized and a factor in elections. It got so bad after the scam pulled on Reagan, Calif went from a red state to deep blue. Republicans will never hold majority power in CA ever again. The state is under one party rule and that “disease” is spreading to Colorado, Arizona, North Carolina and other purple/ swing states.

Dems are at their end with having any legitimate arguments to justify illegals staying in America. They have to use scare tactics, fear mongering and of course racism to get their way. Make no mistake about it these swamp monsters couldn’t careless about Jose, his wife and their 3 kids. Dems end goal with illegals is full citizenship so they can vote these SOB’s party into permanent seats of power.