Judge Napolitano: Hillary Clinton Should Be Prosecuted (Video)

“Ample evidence” against Clinton is the definition of an understatement! The case has been made for well over a year now over the criminal actions committed by Hillary Clinton and those in her team. Why the DOJ, under Jeff Sessions, has chosen to let her walk is beyond infuriating. It was bad enough to learn Comey never had any intentions of going after her and then listen to him read of that indictment only to say it’s a nothing burger. Sessions is doing nothing to rebuild the integrity of the DOJ making it clear the US is a Banana Republic.

If you have frequented this site you know it has promoted and supported Sessions while he was Senator. As Attorney General I can no longer support him. He presented himself as man who will stand for the rule of law, but is constantly taking the backseat for whatever reason maybe in fear (IMO) of attacks from progressives to do his job. I have zero confidence in his ability to serve as an effective AG for Donald Trump.

Judge Nap is clearly agitated with the DOJ’s decision dismissing criminal activity, and like many he is strongly disappointed in Sessions for not going after Clinton, and on other issues. At this point Jeff Sessions should be forced to resign before he does real damage allowing Leftists to go free.