Jim Carrey Thinks Americans Should Struggle Like “People Did Under the Czar” (Video)

Ahhh the minds of Hollywood Leftists never cease to amaze. They always seem to want the heavy hand of govt to come down on people to teach us a lesson. Struggle under a Czar huh Jim Carrey! I guess this washed up coastal cosmopolitan elitist really loves the idea of millions dying! When you point out that those who are responsible for the struggle and oppression are historically Leftists guys like Carrey throw a fit! Truth is the truth though, and we should thank this has been clown for admitting what he and his ilk want for America… pain and suffering under progressives.

Since Carrey explains greed and profit are at the root of all the problems, why hasn’t he given away his $150 million empire?? You want to talk the talk Jimmy, then walk the walk, give it all away to all those causes you talk of!

Carrey calls Trump an imbecile and lunatic, as Michael the Hut listens and agrees, but have either of these guys taken a look in the mirror!? No one on the right speaks like this, yet we get tagged being the monsters Leftists actually are!