Soros Operative Claims Ending DACA is Part of “White Supremacy Agenda” (Video)

It’s no surprise MSNBC would allow a Soros operative, speaking on North Korean nuclear threat, to take the opportunity to suggest Trump’s plan to end DACA is part of some “white supremacy agenda”. Karine Jeane-Pierre, Senior Advisor for MoveOn, is doing her part to push lies the President is a racist and white supremacist.

Why is ending an unconstitutional executive order (obama’s ILLEGAL DACA order) deemed an act of white supremacy?

The President (obama) cannot legislate on issues of immigration because that power resides in Congress per the Constitution. This Soros operative knows this yet pushes the race card because she knows it works. And how convenient was it for MSNBC to end the segment without anyone even addressing such an outlandish and insulting statement! That’s what they do in the crap media.

If we agree Pierre’s statement/ logic is true, then obama issuing the executive order was an act of racism towards white American citizens! You see radical Leftists you can’t have your cake and eat it too! If what you claim about Trump is true then obama was clearly a racists who despised white Americans! It makes sense since he was a student of Rev Wright who pushed Black Liberation Theology. So we should Karine for using such logic to make this clear as day. No doubt the don Soros is quite proud of her while he works with coastal cosmopolitan elitists to cause chaos, conflict, even civil war in America! Sane, normal dems and repubs need to see those coastal cosmopolitan elitists are the enemy we should join forces with to destroy!!