Judge Pirro Calls For DOJ to Launch Criminal Investigations Into Comey and Clinton (Video)

Judge Pirro called out the Dept of Justice to do their jobs and begin an investigation into Jim Comey and Hillary Clinton. After news broke this week Comey drafted Clinton’s exoneration before interviewing key witnesses, in his “joke” of an investigation, many are questioning the integrity of the FBI and DOJ. To make matters worse FOIA requests for Clinton’s emails are being opposed by the Trump DOJ and State Dept occupied by deep state lackeys protecting the two!

Jeff Sessions and Rex Tillerson MUST CLEAN HOUSE, removing all deep state obama and Clinton holdovers. This deep state is blatantly sticking their middle finger in the face of the White House and American people, while they sabotage the Trump administration.

What we are witnessing with the crimes committed by Comey and Clinton, and their deep state operatives, is the epitome of public corruption, but also confirms, AGAIN, the US is a Banana Republic. Elitists live above the law while We the Peons get fined and/ or thrown in jail for doing a fraction of what these people have done.

If Jeff Session, whom has been praised on this site while a Senator, does not get his act together, become the law and order Attorney General he promised to resign or fired by Pres Trump.