Fmr FBI Asst Dir: Comey In With the Clinton’s From the Very Beginning (Video)

Former FBI Asst Director James Kallstrom called the Clinton email investigation, under fmr Dir James Comey, a “joke”. A recent report revealed Comey had already drafted Clinton’s exoneration without interviewing key witnesses and before his presser in July, where he more or less cut FELON Clinton loose!

Comey has not only embarrassed the FBI but he has also jeopardized its legitimacy in the face of the American people. In other words, we DON’T TRUST this agency. To make matters worse for Comey,(no that anyone cares) he testified in front of Congress that he had yet to make up his mind when he in fact did! Jeff Sessions’ DOJ remains silent on the issue which only piles on the distrust this country has for this govt.

Yes, we have a new President but it’s the same old story. There is no justice for the American people. The elites continue to live under a separate set of rules because the US as Comey confirmed last year is a Banana Republic.