WATCH Fmr Anti-Trumper Explains Change of Heart After Getting Red-Pilled Going to Trump Rallies

The fake news, destroy Trump media has clearly had an influence on people, but this fmr anti-Trump Samoan shows there is hope for people if they would just seek out the truth on their own vs listening to the liars. He explains how he went from looking for fights, he could be considered an honorary antifa goon, to now standing with the Right and Trump supporters.

The Fourth Estate is the Fifth Column pushing propaganda and hate, driving a lot of people into violence for no other reason than their candidate lost the election. The Left is vile at this point how they lie to people especially when you hear how this guy used to be vs now. They did that to him and countless others because of an obsession with fundamentally transforming the USA into some sick and twisted progressive/communist/socialist utopia that will bring the hammer down on any dissenters.

Leftists are shameful, but also unhinged and very dangerous, who clearly want chaos in America so they can restart things under their utopian nightmare. We need to find a way to red pill many more like this guy and turn them on their handlers.

As I argued in Texans Prove America is NOT Tearing Itself Apart, the majority of normal Americans being pitted against each other really aren’t the enemy: the media, radical politicians & pundits, and celebrities are OUR enemy! Some believe we are headed into a civil war, but that civil war.. a revolution really, should be against the people pitting American against American, this guy is proof of it!