Undercover Vid Exposes Antifa Planning Violence and Media’s Support! (Video)

The media should be ashamed of themselves because what you have here is true investigative journalism done by “2 comedians”! Then again, as revealed in the video, the media just doesn’t care, they didn’t even want the footage shot proving Antifa is dangerous and a national security threat. Why? Because the media, like Hollywood, political pundits, politicians and Leftists in general, are complicit with this domestic terrorist organization, which is growing at a rapid rate in America… similarly as ISIS grew in the middle east while their legitimacy was denied.

Yes, I just compared the growth of Antifa in America to ISIS, deal with it.

I dunno what’s more disturbing in this video, the plans by Antifa to use weapons (sawed off shotgun, assault rifle AK’s) or the media clearly being complicit by not showing any interest in the undercover footage. This footage probably only touches on the surface as to how well-organized this group is becoming, how violent they’re prepared to go and the lies they’re shoveling that they are anti-fascist.

Like Crowder warns, if people like himself and Ben Shapiro are deemed nazi’s, whom Antifa condones assaulting, what does that mean for those of us who have similar political opinions as they do!? If you disagree with the Left, you’re a nazi and a racist, like it or not.

A fight is coming, this cold civil war is definitely heating up. Fear not it won’t last long these idgets will cut and run if, when the bullets start flying. The only ones you have to worry about are the closet commies like this guy..

…and his pals, because apparently they’re getting indoctrinated at institutions like West Point!!

West Point Professor Who Mentored Antifa Soldier on Administrative Leave