Unhinged Leftist Student Steals MAGA Hat, Demands Victim Be Punished (Video)

If you’ve been in the dark and have ever wondered what type of person is being produced in our colleges and universities, behold Exhibit A from the University of California, Riverside! The “young lady”, Chata (name tag), took it upon herself to rip Matthew Vitale’s MAGA hat off his head and then march down to Student Life Dept office to report him because the hat represents genocide!!

Yes America, “Make America Great Again” is all about genocide, so much so all the Native American tribes (assume that’s what she is talking about) are marching on DC as we speak! Right?

Curious, why weren’t Leftists going nuts when Reagan’s campaign used “Let’s Make America Great Again”, or Bill Clinton for that matter?!

This type of reaction over a hat should concern everyone including those who just sent their kids off to college. We have an entire generation being brought up and indoctrinated in schools (K-College), television, movies, online etc to be so weak, literally fitting the snowflake label, that the sight of a hat triggers them into a fit of rage! You can be sure they are not being prepared for the real world.

What happens when these unhinged useful idiots land a job and their boss does or says something that triggers them? What happens when they get reprimanded for not doing what they were told because of their feelings? After they throw a fit, they’re going to find themselves unemployed, and since so many have violent tendencies work place violence and shootings will probably skyrocket!

This behavior is unacceptable. Those educating, enabling and fomenting such behavior must be held responsible.

By the way her racial attacks on Vitale are in fact racist, she is attacking him over the color of his skin, but we can’t talk about that can we!?

I told you all the Left is using racism and white supremacy to destroy America. That narrative has taken off, it’s all we hear about now.  How do we fix this? Couldn’t tell you, from the looks of it the powder keg is going to have to go off. After that pray the right people are around to put things back together again.

ht/ CampusReform