Clinton Defends NFL Players Anthem Protests, “Stand Up, Fight Back, Resist” (Video)

The queen of mean just can’t contain the despise she has for America, according to her taking a knee during the National Anthem is “reverent”. Speaking at London Literature Festival, the failed 2016 presidential candidate defended NFL players taking a knee, pushing Leftist ideology to “demonstrate in a peaceful way against racism and injustice in our criminal system”.

While correct to a degree, she was perverting why Kaepernick started kneeling. He was protesting the “pig cops”, but even then he didn’t know the whole story. You see Mike Brown and many others the has been football player was protesting police over were killed by police not because they were black. They were killed because they were criminals engaging police 99% of the time. Now in the case of Walter Scott, the officer was dealt with quickly and is now serving time. Corrupt officers have been identified and other accused of crimes had their time in court. If you don’t like the court decisions then change the laws. Showing disrespect to the national anthem, our flag and those fallen isn’t going to win hearts and minds to Clinton and NFL players cause. The more they “stand up, fight back, resist” the clearer the picture they don’t have a clue and hate this country.

The US criminal justice system isn’t perfect, but it is far better than other nations. Frankly those serving time in a US prison is like a vacation compared to what prisoners are subjected to in Russia, Brazil or North Korea!!

Clinton will never own up to that because it’s all about identity politics, make it all about them vs us, white vs black etc. Like Ingraham said this is why Clinton lost, she doesn’t get it and neither do her supporters, MSM or the NFL.

Leave them be America, don’t go out of your way pointing the Left’s failures out…