Judge Pirro Rips Into Leftist Elitists Protecting Sexual Predators (Video)

Judge Pirro had choice words for the elitists on the Left, from Hollywood to DC, who have given cover to sexual predators, to monsters like Weinstein and Polanski to Bill Clinton. As this Hollywood sex scandal just begins to unfold, more names are being implemented for sexual harassment and worse, revealing how much of degenerate cesspool world these people exist in.

Has anyone actually put together how bad this really is? Pirro cites all the instances, but think about it, the elites in H-wood, media and DC know about the sexual predators and each will put on a show protecting each other until they can’t.

Perfect example is when Barbara Walters, a media elitist connected to both H-wood and DC, condemned Corey Feldman for speaking up (barely, to this day he refuses to name names over fears of being sued), “You’re damaging an entire industry”. That’s all she cared about in this clip! Many, many in the know think the same, so much so they kept quiet or played stupid!

It’s pretty disgusting what’s going on from people, with no morals and ethics, who have the audacity to criticize, even condemn We the People over our political views because they differ from theirs. Keep in mind anyone who does what Bill Clinton or Harvey Weinstein has done goes to jail, but they live free as bird!

These people terrorize and I mean terrorize the victims. Angie Everhart is another on the list of Weinstein victims, who actually spoke up, but everyone more or less blew her off!

To this day the woman is terrified to speak about what happened to her. That just goes to show the power and control both H-Wood, media and DC are drunk with.

It has to end, these monsters must be must be exposed, and brought to justice when/ where the law permits. When it can’t the free market must be judge, jury and executioner. BOYCOTT Hollywood, BOYCOTT Advertisers, Vote out monsters in public office, go after their businesses and yes even charities. Cut the money supply off they’ll get the hint.