MSNBC Panel Suggests Trump is Having “Breakdown,” Hint For Congressional or Military Coup (Video)

The Left couldn’t stop Trump in the election with fake news and claims of sexual harassment. They attempted to suggest votes were tainted. Their campaign to remove him from office for being in collusion with Russia crumbled. They claimed he was obstructing justice by firing fmr FBI Dir Comey, regardless of the fact it was within his plenary power to fire anyone for any reason in the Executive Branch.

The Left has tried one crazy claim after another with the hopes of removing Trump from office, to even go as far as to suggest reversing election results. Now with nothing left to lose, one of the unhinged Left’s top propagandist networks is pushing the idea Pres Trump is having a breakdown and unraveling. By suggesting the admin is unraveling and POTUS is having a breakdown this panel headed by Joy Reid, subliminally plants the seeds for a coup from either from Congress, invoking the 25th Amendment, or the military stepping in! Listen to it again, a coup is what they’re really calling for, they just don’t have the stones to outright say it!

Trump has nothing wrong or illegal. All his actions to date, many reversing obamas actual illegal actions, have been based on existing law, from the travel ban to revoking paying ILLEGAL/ Unconstitutional obamacare subsidies. If there was ever a time for Congress to invoke the 25th or a military coup it was the last 8 years as obama dismantled the military weakening the US, sunk the US into deeper debt, routinely and well documented broke federal law with a smile, aided and abetted enemies of the US around the world. Obama ran guns to Mexico to undermine the Second Amendment and Syria (helping create ISIS), gave Iran billions with no real restraints to keep them from moving forward on their nuclear weapons program, and ignored North Korea developing nuclear weapons… for starters.

Leftists seem to forget the military likes Trump because he has their back, unlike obama who treated them like war criminals. Congress doesn’t have the stones to invoke the 25th Amendment, and even if they tried it would fail. Let’s say they did, do you really think the 63 MILLION who voted for him, many who account for the run in gun sales over the last 9 years and in the military, would stand and allow it, all because the Left lost the 2016 election with the worst candidate possible!?

Ms Reid and panel, instead of a Congressional or military coup, you would have an outright civil war on your hands.

Careful what you wish for.