Dem Congressman Obsessed With Impeaching Trump Goes Off the Rails on Tucker (Video)

This act, this performance by CA Rep Brad Sherman is a perfect example of how unhinged democrats have become since Trump became POTUS. The man was confrontational with no facts to back up anything he wanted to talk about, ie tax reform and impeaching Trump.

The Congressman actually had the stones to try and takeover Tucker Carlson Tonight by dodging and refusing to answer anything about the Clinton Crime Family with regards to the fake dossier and the Uranium One scandal. Democrats cannot handle the fact there is no collusion between Trump and Russia, but clear evidence between Hillary and the Russians.

To be clear collusion is not crime, but the bribery, payoffs and kickbacks that took place with regards to Clinton-Russian collusion are real crimes that have been committed!

Pres Trump has not committed obstruction of justice when he rightfully fired James Comey. Furthermore it is within his plenary to fire anyone within the Executive Branch for any reason. Comey’s own testimony put it to rest, not to mention legal experts have weighed in defending Trump! Democrats are running with this lie for political points as we get closer to the 2018 midterms. Frankly, if Sherman was so confident Trump should be impeached why hasn’t he pushed for a vote in the House? They should have the vote once and for all to smoke out everyone, including establishment republicans, who want to see Trump impeached. Or maybe they won’t out of fear what will happen to them come Nov 2018!

As for the tax bill Sherman ranted he wanted to talk about, it doesn’t exist. There is no bill to speak of as the Senate has yet to vote on their version, let alone the two Houses go to conference to craft a final draft. And take note, he is against anything that is produced that would help Americans out. Democrats don’t want Americans to keep more of their money. They think the money you work hard for is theirs to take and spend on crap!

Sherman represents the mentality of all democrats. They will defend the Clinton’s to no end, even if their credibility is destroyed. The fact many are trivializing this Uranium One deal sends a clear message they have no problem handing nuclear weapons grade material over to the bad guys, aka Russians. The dossier, well that’s opposition research everyone does that, unless, your name is Don Trump Jr, then you’re committing treason!