Democrats and Media, It’s Over. Comey’s Testimony Proves NO Obstruction

This crusade by the contemptible left to destroy Pres Trump should be over after fmr FBI Dir James Comey’s Senate Intel Committee hearing testimony.
At no time did Comey answer or suggest he was bribed, threatened,impeded or that evidence was destroyed with relation to Pres Trump and the alleged dem created conspiracy theory he colluded with the Russians.

Comey did confirm:
– he is a leaker
– the NY Times put out a lot of incorrect information
– Pres Trump is not under criminal investigation
– Loretta Lynch instructed him to change the language with regards to the Clinton email scandal
– no votes were changed as a result of the alleged Russian interference with the election.

In other words today was a bad day for Comey, Lynch, democrats and the bullshit, corrupt, 5th Column, lying media!

It’s over democrats. To pursue this further, to more or less try it in the public square, day after day, will do nothing but damage and create more division to this country. Democrats and other leftists engaged in this witch hunt are nothing but sore losers, babies frankly, who cannot accept a loss at the ballot box. Donald Trump won the election fair and square. He has not done anything to date that is illegal to justify this 24/7 attack while leftists hope the spaghetti they’re all throwing against the wall will stick to get him impeached. Democrats by continuing this witch hunt are confirming the US is in fact in a COLD civil war, and have becoming the face of 21st c Confederacy. When property is damaged and destroyed, and blood spilled it is on their hands.