Leftist Students Invade and Shut Down College Republicans Meeting (Video)

What are kids being taught in our colleges and universities? Deeper understandings of math, science, history, politics etc? No, this video, from University of California, Santa Cruz, is just another example of how badly the majority of today’s college students are being indoctrinated with liberal progressive bullshit. College is a place to speak freely, challenge thoughts and ideas…. so long as you are a Leftist. Leftists can have a safe space but if you’re conservative/ Republican, forget that, you get nothing but harassment. If you are conservative you are hunted down, mocked berated, shamed, told you have no right to speak, or in this case told your very “existence is a disturbance”!

The only way this type of abuse is going to end is through a lawsuit. Leftists coast to coast are violating anyone they disagree with First Amendment right to speak freely and assemble. Maybe when they get hit with having to satisfy a massive penalty they’ll get the hint?!

This is just mind-numbing to watch and also infuriating when you hear these young Leftist drones go as far as to suggest Republicans are nazis? See if kids were actually being educated vs indoctrinated these idiots would not be saying something that stupid. For anyone who doesn’t know, Nazi is short for National SOCIALIST. How can a Republican be a Socialist? What you have here is idiots being educated by idiots who utilize the European political spectrum/ model and apply it to American politics.

While this is old, it’s still relevant (Yes, someday I will get around to updating it for the clueless who need everything explained to them).

European Left and Right both exist on the “True Left” of the spectrum, similarly as Repub and Dem are displayed where if you were to rotate the graph 90° to the right they would be left and right on that line of govt power. These kids are not being taught with these facts instead they’re indoctrinated that if anyone is on the Right in America they are nazis and fascists. Got it? This is important to know because the Left are masters of propaganda pushing this idea which has taken deep root in American politics. Sadly those on the Right, in the know, never point this out. So the lie is told over and over again until it’s fact where a drone will blast away “Do you even understand what Republican is?” hinting Repubs are evil, racist, responsible for mass atrocities etc without 1 shred of proof!

Moms and Dads this is what you’re heard earned money is getting when you send your kids away for that coveted piece of paper the “THEY” say we all have to have if we want a better life. Meanwhile most who earn that stupid worthless piece of paper never pursue a career in the field of study or are completely shut out from finding a job… I should know I have one, a Bachelors in Business Mgmt and it did NOTHING for me!

ht CampusReform