The Real Collusion Story is How the Clinton’s Sold America Out to Russia (Video)

“Hillary Clinton and her husband sold out America to the Russians, while millions of dollars flowed to their family foundation. And in the process, Clinton helped create a massive national security risk for every man woman and child giving Vladimir Putin control over American uranium and materials” used to make warheads.

This quote from Hannity just about sums up the real story of collusion reported by The Hill that was going on between the Clinton’s, their foundation, the obama regime and the Russians.

The evidence reported is overwhelming over how our national security was comprised while the Clinton’s clearly enriched themselves while Hillary was Sec of State, at our expense. The problem we have to deal with now how this will be dealt with since those who would be investigating are compromised. To make matters worse AG Sessions recused himself from any Russia related investigations, so we won’t see much action from the DOJ with so many obama loyalists in play.

Sen Grassley will be speaking to Sessions on this but the Senate, and the House, really have no power lock any one up. They can hold hearings, investigations etc but at the end of the day whatever they conclude gets sent over to the DOJ to handle.

Russia-Trump collusion story is dead at this point. Makes you wonder why it was pushed so hard. Did libs really believe Clinton-Russia connections wouldn’t be uncovered or the nation would be distracted with lies Trump was working with the Russians when there was no evidence to be found yet plenty on Hillary!?

Watch how quick the Left will try to bury this story.