Sheila Jackson Lee Wants to Separate Protections of the Second Amendment to Regulate For Gun Safety! (Video)

In the name of gun safety Sheila Jackson Lee said, “We have to separate the Second Amendments protection from the idea of regulation to stop a heinous, murderous individual like the perpetrator in Las Vegas from going from state to state unencumbered and buying guns”.

Second Amendment reads: A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

If we take Lee’s word correctly, she wants to rewrite the Second Amendment to remove “shall not be infringed”, as that is “the Second Amendments protection from the idea of regulation”. This is the clause that is supposed to stop any and all regulations barring citizens from bearing arms. In Lee’s (progressives) world you can have your guns America, but Congress will write laws that will and can infringe on said rights! They will determine what you can and cannot have.

Why do we need another law since many states, ie CA, NJ, NY etc, are already infringing on 2A!? Lee just wants to make infringing on gun rights legal and Constitutional!

Because of misinformation by groups like Moms Demand, which Lee cites she stand with, people actually believe an AR-15 is a military weapon. For the record the US military considers the AR-15 inferior to the M4A1. Just because it looks like a military weapon doesn’t mean it is. Odd to hear someone like Jackson judge something by its appearance. There are other weapons far more deadly than an AR-15, but the Left wants those scary black assault weapons banned. They seem to think if the inanimate object is removed from the equation then the people problem will be solved.

There is nothing any law could have possibly done to stop the Las Vegas attack, Pulse Nightclub, San Bernardino or any other mass casualty attack. Democrats are beating a dead horse with this call for more gun control, especially since it doesn’t work. Chicago is the model example it doesn’t work, as well as states like CA that still have gun violence regardless of all the laws passed. Why? Because criminals and terrorists don’t follow the law.

Lee and her ilk want weapons confiscated, but are afraid to intro a bill to repeal the Second Amendment because they know its career suicide. So they chip away at our rights until someway, somehow they can get to a point to confiscate weapons unchallenged. Remember progressives work over the long-term, every new law and reg that restricts us a little more gets them closer to their end goal, while building support by using tragedies like Las Vegas.