CNN Reporter Refused to Describe the NYC Terrorist (Video)

Why does the media protect radical islam? Is it out of fear or submission? CNN’s Shimon Prokupecz chose not to ID the NYC terrorist following the Halloween in NYC, but you know he would be the first to ID the attacker had he been a white Christian male!

It’s not just CNN, but all of the media and democrats for that matter who clam up the moment we learn the identity of a mass shooter or terrorist isn’t a white Christian male but a young hardened islamist. What you’re witnessing is real-time revisionist history, but the question remains why do they protect radical islam? The media is more outspoken protecting it than muslims are, you never see them running to the cameras to denounce heinous acts. It’s almost as if the media.. the Left as a whole got their walking orders from CAIR or something to shut up.

This is yet another example why the American people detest the media, especially CNN who rightfully deserves to be called #CNNisISIS.

One thing is clear we at least know whose side their on, the media and the Left hate you if your ideology differs from theirs, act accordingly.