Sheila Jackson Lee Meltdown: Terror Attack Takes Away From Collusion, Kneels for “Justice” (Video)

Barely 24 hours after the NYC terror attack super swamp monster Sheila Jackson Lee couldn’t contain her hypocrisy and had a meltdown over the supposed politicization of the attack. Mind you she didn’t have a problem 30 days ago when she ranted for gun control following the Las Vegas attack.

For whatever reason, the sane Right has “ceded power” to the Left to make rules about what we can and cannot talk about.
For example:
– Any act of terror committed with a gun by anyone = okay to politicize it before the bodies have even made it to the morgue.
– Any act of terror committed with anything by islamists = NOT okay to politicize until the democrat party says so.

Who made them God to determine what we can and cannot talk about? The problem is everyone cowers to their threats. The party that is against bullying, in fact bullies EVERYONE at will!

To make matters worse radicals like Lee get all worked up that attention is off their cooked up collusion conspiracy and race-baiting activities. Go ahead SJL take a knee, make an ass of yourself, because it is you and countless Leftists that are the ones who are really dividing the US.

When are people going to stop subjecting themselves to this abuse from the Left and tell people like Sheila Jackson Lee to shut up? And when she yaps louder, you just get nose to nose with her (getting into her little circle of security), tell her shut up and sit down.

It’s time America, way past time actually, to stand up to these monsters. This political correct nonsense is going to be the end of us all if people don’t start telling the Left to STFU.