MSNBC’s Terrorism Analyst Says NYC Attack “Not Islam, Whatsoever” (Video)

Like clockwork MSNBC rolls out their “terrorism analyst” to make excuses for the jihadist who screamed “allahu akbar” and killed innocent New Yorkers with a rented truck, following ISIS’ calls to attack on Halloween. Malcolm Nance, per his Twitter profile, served in US Intelligence for over 36 yrs. He identifies himself as an “Expert Terrorist Strategy, Tactics, Ideology. Torture, Russian Cyber!”, trivialized these monsters as a cult and telling Chris Matthews and co “What you’re seeing is not Islam, whatsoever, none of this is condoned, including the sacrificing and getting yourself killed at the end of a terrorist attack. None of that is Islamic, it’s anti-Islamic.”

A cult, and Anti-islam? Running people down with a truck, screaming allahu akbar, leaving a note pledging allegiance to ISIS is cultish and anti-islam!? Nance’s dismissal of these monsters is irrelevant, they believe in what and why they are doing. They are acting out based on what they read in that book, and the Hadith, as terror expert Morten Storm has stressed.

To dismiss and trivialize jihadists as a cult is dangerous. Why? Because if enough “terror ANALysts” start chiming off like Nance, the “cultists” just might step up their game to rack up serious body counts on US soil!

Whatever credibility Nance had is gone at this point. Anyone, ANYONE making excuses, or dismissing jihadists is no friend to Americans and I don’t care how much time he spent serving this country.