Multiple Dead After Truck Runs People Down in Manhattan, Driver Screamed “Allahu Akbar” (Vids)

– A 29 year old monster drove a Home Depot rental truck 40-50mph the wrong way along a bike path, for 8 blocks, in Manhattan running people (cyclists, pedestrians) down.

FYI, per Brigitte Gabriel, the terrorists name means “sword of allah”

– 8 people dead, over dozen injured
– It’s reported but not confirmed the driver of a school bus witnessed this and proceeded to block the assailant who rammed into the back of the bus with children inside.

– Multiple witnesses state they saw a man exit the truck, holding two fake guns who began running around.

– Fox News’ Rick Leventhal reported multiple witnesses said they heard the attacker scream “allahu akbar”
    – Authorities as expected were resistant to officially ID this as a terrorist attack but NYC Mayor DeBlasio did call it a “cowardly act of terror”.
– Police showed up on scene, fired on and wounded attacker, who is in custody.
– FBI is on scene

We will continue to be subjected to these low-tech style attacks because they’re effective, require very little planning and are next to impossible to predict. For those not aware, ISIS called for attacks on Halloween, to go along with their standing order for these truck attacks.

Had this been an attack with a gun lawmakers would be screaming “something must be done”, calling for more laws, yet those same individuals are silent. If they were honorable people, with a shred of integrity they would be calling for more stringent immigration policies if not backing POTUS’ travel ban. Like it or not, regardless when this guy came to the US there are MANY just like him who have already entered or trying to get into the US right now waiting to strike.