Dem Congressman Claims Republicans Investigating Clinton Helps Russia (Video)

Rep Eric Swalwell, like all democrats in Congress, is obsessed with the idea the Russians hacked our election and influenced voters. To this day they have not produced one shred of evidence to prove their claims yet it’s all we hear. Now, in a sad attempt to protect Clinton, Swalwell claims any attempt to investigate Hillary by republicans will only help the Russians in dividing the country!

Democrats are more concerned about optics, and this thing [Clinton] they have put on a pedestal as if she is a saint, rather than national security. These are the same democrats who complain day after day about the President and his alleged unproven connections to the Russians, who are threat to America, yet they turn a blind-eye to Hillary when she used her position as Sec of State to enrich herself and family at the United States’ expense!

Let that sink in for a minute… Democrats are adamant Russia is the enemy, out to destroy us, but they want to do everything possible to stop any investigation into Clinton’s dealing with them over the Uranium One fiasco!