Judge Pirro: Its Time to Lock Clinton Up (Video)

Judge Pirro delivered an epic rant more or less annihilating Hillary Clinton and everyone involved in the Uranium One and Fusion GPS scandals. All individuals involved just happened to be the same people who have attacked, been engaged in trashing Pres Trump or undermining his admin over a the last year, with outlandish claims of collusion with the Russians when Clinton and co were in fact the one’s colluding!

Aside from opening the show calling to lock Clinton up, Pirro called for the firing of Bob Mueller, Rod Rosenstein and the need for a special investigation launched against Jim Comey, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, John Podesta and Andrew McCabe! She didn’t stop there, Pirro also called for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to get with the program or go too because he has been a complete disappointment cowering to the Left.

Clinton and the DNC paid for the fake dossier, that triggered the special investigation run by Clinton lackey Bob Mueller, full of Russian propaganda collected by British intel officer. It was also the trigger for FISA warrants being issued prior to the election, Congressional hearings, 24/7 hate Trump from the media and Hollywood. Speaking of Hollywood, they couldn’t come up with script even close to the corruption we’re by the Clinton’s and obama lackeys!

The Uranium One deal as the Judge makes clear happened before Trump was even in office is an issue of national security that obama regime lackey’s all turned a blind eye to while the Clinton’s got filthy rich. What’s that tell you? It tells me they all had to have gotten paid too. These are smart people, no one in their right mind would hand our enemy (who is backing another (Iran) who wants us wiped off the map) more nuclear material! They all got paid and the only way to know what’s going on is to take a page from Jim Garrison’s playbook start investigations and charging people with crimes. Sooner or later someone will break.

The longer these people go free the longer they have time to coordinate an “explanation” and a patsy to take the fall! The President needs to take action, people need to be brought to justice and locked up, especially Hillary for all the laws shes broken over the email scandal and apparently violating election law!