Maxine Waters Unleashes Vicious Attack on Trump: You Don’t Belong Here, The Fight is On (Video)

Maxine Waters just doesn’t know when to quit with her vile, vicious attacks (fighting words) and calls to impeach Pres Trump. Speaking at the 2017 Orangeburg County Democrats Cook-off in South Carolina, Waters worked the crowd up with her usual unhinged nonsense claiming the democrats will take back the House in 2018, Senate and impeach Trump before the 2020 election; if Pence is POTUS, “we’ll get him in 2020”.

Waters seems to forget there are 63 million Americans who voted for Trump, yet she seems to think she speaks for all Americans as she cackled away, “45, this message goes out from Orangeburg as it goes out from so many places in this country. We did not ask for a fight with you. We did not ask you to be president. We don’t know how you made it. But now that you’re there and you don’t understand that you don’t belong there, and we don’t intend for you to stay there, the fight is on.” 

Wiggy promises to impeach Trump, for what though? What high crimes and misdemeanors has he committed, besides existing? She and the dem party to this day have nothing. Their collusion conspiracy has completely backfired as it’s now clear Clinton was colluding with the Russians. There is no act of obstruction of justice as it is POTUS’ privilege to order anyone, for any reason in the Executive Branch to do what he wants or he can fire them. Don’t take my word on that, that’s from liberal, Hillary voter, Harvard law prof Alan Dershowitz making that clear!

So what “fight is on” exactly Maxine? Dems just can’t impeach POTUS just because they don’t like him. As for making threats to Pence, good luck getting to that point because if by some freak act of nature dems got a majority in the House and Senate all hell would probably break loose if they tried to throw POTUS out.