CNN Hacks Trivialize Uranium One Scandal as “Fox News Obsession”, “Non-story” to Bash Clinton (Video)

Jeffrey Toobin, CNN’s legal “expert”, sure has a way with word manipulation and revisionist history. He is correct the Uranium One deal was investigated by Congress before they approved it, but they didn’t know what they know now! Many in Congress have said if what this informant has to say is as it is alleged of bribery payoffs etc they would not have approved the deal. That’s kind of important to know, and not a non-story, Fox News obsession to bash Hillary Clinton. For the record Jeffy, Fox News, nor the White House didn’t “raise it”, the Washington Post went digging!

Leftists have been screaming coast-to-coast over how bad the Russians are, and Trump is evil for allegedly talking to them. To this day not one shred of proof has surfaced demonstrating any collusion between them, not that it’s a crime as Toobin himself admitted not too long ago. But why is it they shrug off the Russian threat when the Clinton Crime Family is involved? The Russians are the bad guys, so why defend the Clinton’s who handed over 20% of the uranium production to them!?? The hypocrisy is clearly off the charts, and if anything these Leftists apparently want the Russians, the people they say are dangerous and a national threat, to have weapons grade nuclear material when they deny the corruption committed by the Clinton Crime Family for $145 million!

If it’s discredited why did Rosenstein and Mueller more or less work to cover it up?

CNN and the rest of the steaming shit pile media are going to regret trying to trivialize, if not bury, this story. They’re already hated as it is, when this FBI informant testifies, whom the obama regime trued to silence, laying it all out these people will lose the fraction of s shred of credibility they may have left!

Lastly, Alisyn Camerota once again demonstrates why Fox News cut her loose. She has Z E R O integrity, will tout whatever political line she’s given.