Leftist Marc Lamont Hill Gets Triggered Over Trump’s “Racist” LaVar Ball Tweets (Video)

When CNN wants to appear neutral but wants to make something Trump has done into an issue of race they get their best hitman for the job, non other than Marc Lamont Hill. Hill is notorious for twisting just about any issue in politics into a case of racism, because that’s what hardcore card carrying progressive racists do!

LaVar Ball and Trump have been going back and forth insulting each other following his shoplifting son’s life more or less being save by POTUS from being imprisoned in China! Instead of showing some gratitude Ball took the jerk route as many sites have been reporting including this gem…

That leads us to today when Trump posted a series of Tweets trashing Ball

…and opening the door for race hustler Hill to jump in claiming Trump is a racist. If POTUS is racist he would have left those basketball players in China to face a long-term prison sentence for what would be deemed a misdemeanor (slap on the wrist) in the US.

Like clockwork in this back and forth with Bradford Cohen, Hill get triggered, has to throw in Black Lives Matter and claims of Trump having a history of racism to make his argument because he has nothing to defend his position. Look at the tweets there’s nothing racist about them, but it does to race hustlers who love dividing the nation. The fact Trump is white, being critical of Ball, who is black, is all race hustlers need to pull the race card, because they are the true racists!