Roland Martin: Trump Pushing Buttons For ‘Largely White Supporters’ on NFL Issues (Video)

MSNBC and Roland Martin are looking for any reason to pull the race card against Pres Trump. How is pointing out NFL players continuing to take a knee during the national anthem, showing disrespect to the nation, which is hurting the league considered racist? That is the point the President was making in his recent tweet. The players took what was a protest originally against “pig police” and expand it to against Trump. If there are any racists in this dispute it’s between the black players vs the WHITE President!

If the players are kneeling over misconduct by police then why aren’t they actually doing something about it? Taking a knee is useless and most people don’t even know why they’re doing it at this point. If they want to be these big activists, then they need to take the protest from the field into the communities to make changes.

But by all means Roland keep doing what you’re doing. Drive the hate and division, it’s working wonders.