Mika Brzezinski Suggests Trump is Okay With KKK Bombing Black Churches (Video)

The Morning Joe crew were discussing Trump’s remarks on the Ala special senate race where Katie Hunt pointed out dem candidate Doug Jones worked a “cold case” related to a KKK bombing aka the infamous killing of 4 black girls in the 1963 Birmingham church bombing. In what can only be deemed the mother of all Hail Mary stretches Mika Brzezinski made the insane connection between this information and Trump’s comment that Jones is soft on crime to suggest the President of the United States is okay with acts of violence committed against minorities, “Maybe soft on the kinds of crimes that the President uh – ya know – whatever – I just.. the President seems to have a thing about race.. an issue with it.”

According to Mika’s twisted logic on Trump, it sounds like we are to think Jones is soft on black-on-white crime and too hard on white-on-black crime!? Uh huh…

The Left is so unhinged they try to fabricate things to pin on Trump. Listen to her, she got so tongue-tied trying to come up with a lie she only proved how off the rails she has become with Butthead Joe helping her out!

  • marshwill

    Mika seems to uh-uh have an uh-uh a problem with uh-uh a you-know an uh-uh imagination that uh-uh run away often into uh-uh fantasy-uh-land de-uh-devoid of any uhh-uhh rational uh- thought!! She appears to have an obsession with LYING ACCUSATIONS about the president…… but, then, nobody’s ever, to my knowledge, accused her of having an organized truthful unbiased thought! Why start now??

  • RandomThesis

    Conservatives don’t need comedians. We have Liberals to laugh at.

  • Richard Lawler

    The problem is “you think” where’s the facts?