MSNBC Laughs at Sen Schumer’s Claim He Didn’t Follow 2016 Election (Video)

Chuck Schumer is a lousy liar and rightfully deserved to be laughed at by his party’s own propaganda network! Think about that, MSNBC has been the megaphone of the democrat party and not even they are buying Chuckles lies!

Schumer’s denial is proof of how low he thinks of the American people to accept he wasn’t paying attention to the primary. He had every reason to pay attention, obama was on his way out where the policies Schumer championed were on the line. Of course he would be paying attention because he knows the next POTUS would either continue or dismantle what obama did.

Schumer and the political elite detest the American people. They are in office to serve the people, but in their twisted minds the people exist to serve them through elections, cowering to their oppressive laws and paying far too much in taxes which funds their pet projects that fattens their wallets on the side!