Olbermann Defends Saying Trump is Worse For America Than Bin Laden and ISIS Combined (Video)

Where could a has been MSNBC blowhard, who has been fired from every tv job he has held, go to run his mouth freely saying Pres Trump is worse for America than bin Laden and ISIS combined? The View. The HAGS at the View gladly welcomed Keith Olbermann to the show to insult and demonize the President with the likes of cold-blooded killers.

Bin Laden is responsible for the deaths of over 3000 Americans, ISIS’ body count of Americans is not as high but they’re working on it. Donald Trump has done nothing to cause such vicious hate. For the record yours truly was a Cruz supporter until the end, but once the primaries were over and his 100 day plan was introduced (should’ve been intro’d earlier) I began supporting Trump. Reason I say this is those like myself are inclined to be critical of Trump before others who support him. To this day he hasn’t done anything wrong. As a matter of fact many of his executive orders are in fact orders to enforce already existing federal laws! As for the lies of him being a warmonger, not true, there is nothing to support it. Where was Olbermann when obama became a killing machine using drones? And with respect to North Korea, we have ALL his predecessors to thank for that mess dropped on Trump’s lap. For the record, the Korean War NEVER ENDED, there’s been a ceasefire (armistice) since 1953!

Olbermann is and has been off his rocker for years. This man hates anyone who is in a seat of power who is not a democrat. He proudly admitted it when he told Meghan McCain he owes her father and George W Bush an apology. Speaking of McCain, I’m no fan of this self avowed progressive but props to her for firing back at this lunatic.

The problem with America is not Donald Trump, it’s with the people like Olbermann who throw gasoline on the fire. This guy is nasty as they come, don’t be fooled by this guys performance, he thrives off of the division and hate.

He’s not exhausted from Trump and the politics either, he loves it and he gets boosts of energy every single time the audience applauds.

Here’s something to think about.. Who is worse, people like Olbermann or the audience who applaud and enable his type of behavior? Again they applauded him saying Trump is like bin Laden and ISIS!