MSNBC Panelist: White Men “Pose The Biggest Threat to Americans” (Video)

It’s of no surprise MSNBC would have a panelist on attacking white men and if anyone fires back in defense there labeled racists. Could you imagine if a white person said black men are a threat to Americans? There would be anarchy driven by the media and the democrat party demanding for whomever made the claims head! Yes, many of the mass shooting have been perpetrated by white men but they have also bee at the hands of other races as well. Call me a racist, but last time I checked it wasn’t white men gunning people down in Chicago!

The Left also loves to remind us, while they call for prison reform, that the majority of criminals in prison are minorities! Well doesn’t that prove this woman’s argument is wrong? And let’s not forget the Black Panthers, better yet Black Lives Matter who are the ones attacking people, breaking windows and burning down businesses in their own communities, as we saw in Baltimore and Ferguson.

Obama did a hell of a job dividing this country, where race hustlers like Jamira Burley are picking up where he left off. They have no desire to bring everyone together because the race hustling keeps them in business.