Smug Open Borders Advocate Claims Illegal Aliens Are Benefit to the US (Video)

If you stand strong against open borders and want a stop to the invasion this country has been subjected by illegals, this smug open borders advocate, Jose Magana, just might make the blood shoot out of your eyes! Point after point made by Tucker Carlson is countered by Magana with finger-pointing at the GOP for failing to act or suggesting the country will be far better off. He believes letting every single illegal alien, NOT undocumented immigrant, into the US, or those here granted amnesty, will boost the economy, yet when challenged to name one state or city doing well he dodges.

California is a shining example of what open borders will do to a once prosperous state. Illegal aliens cost the state approx $30B per year, while democrats sit back smiling because they know the state’s demographics are getting drastically changed. It is because of the open border policy CA has become so blue, it will never have a republican majority again.

With regards to Magana’s profuse use of “undocumented immigrant”, it is beyond insulting for any law-abiding citizen to hear. When radical Leftists use this ID, undocumented immigrant, what they are doing is creating a false belief to the uninformed voting class that illegal aliens in the US are here “legally”, where their papers are tied up in red tape, lost/ destroyed or the dog ate them. In reality these “undocumented immigrants”, or even worse “asylum seekers” are properly identified as ILLEGAL ALIENS. They do not have legal status to be in the US, nor are descendant(s) of Americans let alone born here, thus ILLEGAL ALIEN.

Democrats will never stop their push to get as many illegals in the country because they know changing the voting demographics works. They pulled it off in California, with states like Arizona, N Carolina etc to follow. Remember progressives work on their goals over the long-term while repubs and conservs insist on playing the short game. What happened in CA will happen in other states if people don’t wake the hell up!