Nancy Pelosi Defends “Icon” Rep Conyers Amid Harassment Accusations (Video)

Nancy Pelosi is standing by “icon in our country” John Conyers after being accused of sexual harassment. The democrat minority leader doesn’t believe the “icon” should resign from Congress, but a few hours after this interview on Meet the Press Conyers announced he was stepping down as ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee. Nancy says Conyers, who paid off a victim, deserves due process, yet Roy Moore who isn’t even an elected leader has been condemned and convicted over 40-year-old accusations!

None of this is a surprise to see dem leadership standing by members committing inexcusable acts with supporting evidence (ie photos, payoffs etc) vs accusations made against republicans whom dems have condemned and demanded resignation. Unless these politicians have actually committed a felony to the extent of a bank robbery caught on video or killing someone, no one in Congress is going to resign over sexual misconduct. There’s no law being broken, ethics investigations are for show, and expulsion is unlikely since the last time it ever happened was in 1862. AND FOR THE RECORD those who were expelled were all democrats except one!

Make no mistake America there is a war against women, but it is the democrat party waging that war while they blame the republicans for what they are actually doing!