Sen Al Franken Remains Defiant Despite Accusations of Sexual Misconduct (Video)

Sen Al Franken spoke out today after four women have come forward with allegations of sexual misconduct. Now on an apology tour Franken, taking a position of defiance, says he is “embarrassed and ashamed” but will work to gain trust back. Democrats and Leftists for the most part are standing by his, and Rep Conyers, side while on the flip side they continue to condemn ANYONE on the Right who faces similar allegations.

These people will never step down because no crime has been committed regardless of the fact there is evidence, photos or payoffs (settlements), to support calls for them to step down, unlike claims made that are 40 years old against someone like Roy Moore. Behavior, a perverted one at that, is not criminal. Franken, and Conyers, have not denied what they’ve done, instead they’ve play dumb, that they don’t recall, have challenged claims and are going to play the victim!

And why will politicians get away with being perverts? Because there is no punishment in Congress for them, and they know YOU, the people they represent, will forget come election day!

Pres Trump cannot drain the swamp. If you want people like Franken and Conyers out of office you need to vote them out come election day or recall them if your state has such provisions.