Olbermann Says Trump Will Be Impeached or Resign, Announces Retirement “My Work Here is Done” (Video)

After outlining 7 different ways Pres Trump will be impeached, Keith Olbermann has announced his retirement from politics for the umpteenth time.

The 7 ways this failed HACK says Trump will be impeached or resign are:
1) Mueller making a deal with Mike Flynn
2) Obstruction of Justice
3) Resigns over fear of impeachment over Russia or obstructions of justice
4) GOP will move to impeach or remove Trump by the Spring to save themselves/ party before midterms
5) Invoke the 25th Amendment
6) Dems will win enough seats and push impeachment after midterm elections
7) Sexual misconduct, a “decades worth”

Kudos to anyone who listens to this clowns unhinged rants, where, correct me if I’m wrong, he seems to take credit for when this fall of Trump happens, “my work here is done”! Listening to him this clip from Terminator (1984) fits Olbermann perfectly..

Everything he listed is definitely delusional, and sadly countless Americans believe his every word! The failed political hack says he is retiring from political commentary, “No illness, no scandal, no firing, just I’ve said what I’ve had to say. I am retiring from political commentary in all media venues.”

Keithy is a political junkie. He thinks he got clean again, but you know come this time next year, after the midterms, he will crawl back in some unhinged rant. He’s like a cockroach, he’ll still be around after a nuclear war, zombie apocalypse or alien invasion.