NYT Hack Claims There Hasn’t Been a “Single Instance” of Self-Defense With Guns (Video)

The Left has been in overdrive since the Las Vegas Attack and now energized after the Sutherland Springs massacre to make the argument for more gun control. These people will never stop until their real objective is met: complete and total disarmament and confiscation of every single civilian owned weapon. The fact that weapons have been used in self-defense and are rarely reported is no surprise. This of course gives hacks like the NYT’s Brett Stephens all the ammo he needs to claim “not a single instance”

We know otherwise as reported on this site and many others of good guys with guns stopping bad guys with guns. Open up any issue of the NRA magazine and you will see a page dedicated to multiple stories of guns being used to stop crimes, even violent ones. Don’t get the magazine? That’s okay you can go through 538 pages of stories here!

The Clackamas Mall in 2012 is a story that was quickly buried by the media that could have been a deadly massacre right before Christmas.

The attack in Sutherland Springs, is especially important, as the killer was well armed where he would have at the least gotten into a gunfight with police. The man who stopped the killer, Stephen Willeford, destroyed all the Lefts talking points by being an NRA firearms instructor, using an AR-15 (force met with equal force), and a religious man! In a nutshell he is one of those people who is clinging to his bible and guns obama enjoyed mocking, and thank God he did! These stories destroy the Left’s argument to more gun control.

Will Stephens ever admit to cases of self-defense with a gun? Of course not he wants you disarmed, defenseless to violent criminals who will never follow any law. Remember the Left HATES YOU, they make it abundantly clear everyday with their attacks on good law-abiding Americans.

  • Stephen Kirtland

    That man is either a liar or an ignorant fool who doesn’t have the sense to research his subject before shooting off his mouth. Since he works for the New York Times, there’s no way to be certain. The facts are that armed civilians prevent assaults by criminals every day, just by the fact that they carry a gun. Criminals never know whether a person might be armed or not, so they limit their predations to people who are unlikely to be armed or are in a gun free zone. If they knew for certain that no one was armed but police, they would bravely attack any one they wanted any time they pleased. The 2nd Amendment is NOT optional for a free society. It should be a mandatory part of public education to teach safe gun handling and, at least rudimentary, marksmanship, as well as acitizen’s duty to assist in the upholding of law and order.

  • Ron

    The guy is right. The left hates law abiding citizens. You know why? Because only Conservatives abide by the law! Liberals don’t!

    • USMC 64-68

      The democrats have despised America from the beginning, because their beliefs are antithetical to the values and principles of America’s founding. They hate anyone who defends those values and principles, which is why they show such disrespect to our military.

      The Democrat Party is America’s greatest enemy.

  • yaki534

    Liberal jackasses do not like it when They are proven stupid.

  • USMC 64-68

    Bret Stephens shows us that the Republicans in the swamp (Neo-cons, RINOs, establishment, #NeverTrumpers) are the best allies the anti-American commiecrats have. None of them respect our Constitution and have elevated their “genius” above our Founders.

  • Erin Anderson

    Liberals don’t get to pick and choose which Constitutional rights I can have. Real conservatives will continue to fight and protect our 2nd amendment.