Pres Trump Shuts Reporter Down Calling For More Gun Control After TX Church Massacre (Video)

This unidentified reporter thought she was smart to use similar language Pres Trump has used with regards to vetting immigrants, i.e. extreme vetting, for gun control, after the Texas church massacre, only to be shut down. Leftist media always seems to leave out important facts, like oh I dunno how the killer was a prohibited possessor no thanks to the US Air Force FAILING to update the NICS.

While the govt failed in the background check the state did not, they denied the killer a concealed carry permit. The same govt, people want to “just do something” to stop the killing. For whatever reason the Left ignores reality that their precious gun control has failed in Chicago and many other locations, and that if you take the gun away, killers will use a bomb (Boston Bombing, Manchester UK etc) or a truck (NYC, Nice, Germany etc).

As the President makes clear, had the Left had their way with more gun control Stephen Willeford would not have had his weapon, mind you an AR-15, to stop the killer. Many, including police, are convinced based on how the killer was dressed, along with extra weapons and ammo in his truck, his killing spree would have continued, most likely ending in a gun battle with police. For those who don’t know, the killer was walking back and forth in the church executing people at point-blank range until he was distracted “a gunman at the door diverted his attention”.

Willeford represents everything the Left was telling us was bad that turned out to be good.

Gun control like climate change is religion to the Left, they’re obsessed with it. Law-abiding gun owners will never give up their God-given/ natural rights to self-protection.