Racist Pelosi Calls For Conyers to Step Down, Remains Silent on Franken – Video

Nancy Pelosi had a change of heart about Rep John Conyers today calling for his resignation, following her Meet the Press interview where she called him an icon who deserves due process. As more sexual harassment victims came forward, and one of her own Rep Kathleen Rice condemned the House Minority leader, Pelosi had no choice but call for his resignation. That said Nancy remains silent on Sen Al Franken, whom we now have 5 women who have accused him of sexual misconduct!

While I’m no fan of Rep Conyers I have to agree with his attorney, Arnold Reed, who is calling Pelosi out to explain what the difference is between Conyers and Franken!

Why is Nacy calling for the long-time serving black man to resign, remember he is an icon, yet not a word about the privileged white fmr Hollywood celebrity!? That said using the same logic as our friends on the Left, one is left to conclude Nancy Pelosi is racist!