Mark Levin: Mueller Has Demonstrated That He Has NO Collusion Case – Listen

The big news obsession of the day is that fmr Trump Admin Nat’l Security Advisor Mike Flynn plead guilty, and has struck a deal with special counsel Bob Mueller, because he lied (not news) to the FBI. Democrats are taking victory laps as if they finally have Trump where they want him, hanging on to their fantasy to remove him from office because he “colluded” with the Russians.

Well, #1 collusion isn’t a crime, #2 when Flynn did make contact with the Russians it was in an official capacity as a member of the President Elects transition team, that all previous Pres elects have done including obama. It’s not a crime to speak to the Russians or any foreign govt, regardless of that the unhinged violent Left says.

Many legal experts have given their opinion today, from Jonathon Turley to Andrew McCarthy, and of course the Great One Mark Levin weighed in to make it clear Mueller has nothing!

Now Mueller may try his best to squeeze Flynn to hang Pres Trump but why would anyone believe someone who has lied to the Vice President and the FBI!?