Morning Joe Claims Trump Mentally Unfit Calls for Coup – Video

Joe Scarborough along with his Hate Trump crew are calling on military and cabinet members to “stand up” and stop following orders (coup) of the President of the United States. This is the second day now for Scarborough, following his unhinged tantrum challenging Trump’s mental state.

Apparently since Butthead’s… Joe’s mother has dementia he feels he is an expert on the disease, coupled with Donny DOUCHE.. Deutsch’s assessment Trump is a different person from the guy he’s known for 20 years, think the 25th Amendment should be invoked to remove POTUS.

Trump is being Trump, these idgets who knew him before he got into politics are upset because he is destroying obama and the dems last 8 years of destroy America legacy.

On a serious note, what they are doing is extremely dangerous. No President has ever been under attack like we are seeing now. The rhetoric, over-the-top antics and outright hate the Left is spewing 24/7 is going to cause some Leftist nut to make an attempt against the POTUS and/or his family.

These are indisputable facts:
Democrats, Leftists have attacked and assaulted Trump supporters, republicans and conservatives at rallies and political events.
Democrat lawmakers attacked a republican lawmaker on the TX House floor.
Democrat/ Leftist attempted to assassinate republican lawmakers!
Democrat/ Leftist assaulted, blindsided really, Sen Rand Paul, braking 6 of his ribs.