Dershowitz: No Case For Obstruction of Justice Against Trump – Video

For those unaware, Alan Dershowitz is a proud card-carrying democrat, Hillary Clinton voter/ supporter, a law professor from the Left’s cherished & esteemed Harvard University. He is the same person who made it abundantly clear months ago collusion is not a crime, regardless of the claims from the media and Left-wing extremists.

Now that the collusion nonsense is officially dead, the same Left-wing extremists who pushed that lie have pivoted to going after Pres Trump for “obstruction of justice” over the firing of fmr FBI Dir James Comey.

Here is top ringleader Dianne Feinstein making it official.

Dershowitz already on record about obstruction claims being bogus reiterated it again on Fox & Friends.

“You cannot charge a President with obstruction of justice for exercising his Constitutional power…”

Will the unhinged violent Left listen to him this time around or do destroy the very little credibility they have left?

Make no mistake about it, if Trump is guilty of anything Alan Dershowitz would be the first one spelling it out. And that boys and girls is why what he says matters.

This new push by Leftists should ensure a Trump 2020 victory!