Rush: Political Mob is Conducting a Silent Coup to Impeach Trump – Video

With news of Mike Flynn only being charged for lying to the FBI the collusion narrative has completely collapsed for the Left. This has forced Leftists to pivot on obstruction of justice, which is DOA. So now as Rush explains they are challenging his mental state with hopes of invoking the 25th Amendment, which will fail. Whats next? The sexual harassment circus. Leftists will throw their own under the bus to establish grounds to go after Trump on that as well, but all of this is “a political mob conducting a silent coup, out to impeach Trump.”

Aside from being completely pathetic going from one scheme to another, do Leftists really believe 63,000,000 Americans who voted for Trump will sit on the sidelines accepting this witch hunt that started Nov 9th 2016? Trump will not be removed from office, this silent coup will fail and all any attempts to remove him will fail. Worst case scenario: Leftists cross the line cause another Alexandria. If that happens, there will be no where for anyone who caused it to hide.